How The HCG Diet Differs From Other Diets

One of the more popular diet plans to follow these days is the HCG diet. This plan is somewhat different than other diets, because it incorporates the use of HCG drops as part of the complete plan for losing weight. The drops are made from a hormone which is naturally secreted in women while they are pregnant. Research scientists found that the hormone takes stores of fat from the mother and turns it into useful nutrients for the developing infant. The same process now works for anyone who takes the drops or supplements as part of a reduced calorie diet.

Another way this particular diet differs from most others is through the different phases used to boost the metabolism. The first stage of the plan allows people to eat whatever foods they want in order to create fat stores the drops will be able to draw upon. This period only lasts for two days, so people are not likely to add a great deal to their current weight. The next phase lasts for a much longer period of time and is designed to get the body to start burning off all of the fat deposits it has. This stage lasts for about twenty-five to thirty days and incorporates a low calorie diet usually consisting of only five hundred calories a day.

The format of the the HCG diet has the individual using the drops during the first two stages of the plan. During the final stage, the low calorie intake is continued for about two more days without the use of the metabolism boosting drops. During this time the body has a chance to stabilize and rid itself of any reserves of the hormone. People who follow through with all three stages have reported losing as much as two pounds a day during the main second phase of the plan.

The Better Way To Lose Weight Quickly: The HCG Solution

HCG is the abbreviation for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. The HCG based Solution allows individuals to experience rapid weight loss. Unlike crash diets or other methods that claim similar results, the hcg is able to keep that weight off. This plan not only helps you lose weight, it preserves that loss. The Solution guards against losing lean muscle mass, instead it works on eliminating the fat in your system.

The HCG solution uses HCG that has been manufactured under the strictest quality control standards. The finished product contains the full spectrum of HCG manufactured from certified and properly graded sources. It is hormone free and safe when used as directed.

While using HCG, muscles are preserved. The weight that is lost comes from the excess fat deposits that are stored in the body. When on an HCG diet, it provides the body with the ability to maintain its stored vitamins and minerals that are necessary to keep muscles fit.

In addition, the the HCG solution will keep your body’s metabolism high and counteract the likelihood of fatigue and tiredness. Your body responds by keeping your body metabolism at higher levels that helps prevent fat build up.

Once administered only by injection, HCG isnow commonly administered by drops. This is normally done up to three times a day. The positive results of using HCG has been acclaimed by thousands of satisfied patients.

HCG can be obtained from a large number of sources, some not ethical. Many of these sources offer homeopathic substitutes that are manufactured from animal parts that have not been certified or made from unauthorized animal parts. Be sure to read the labels. You might also check if the HCG is made under GMP or Good Manufacturing Practices that help insure the quality and purity of the product. It is important that you monitor what goes into your body.

A HCG Medical Perspective

Diet plans like HCG attract thousands of fans by promising rapid weight loss. The HCG weight reduction method consists of a very low-nutrient diet, only five hundred calories. The rest of the nutrients are administered to the body via HCG pregnancy hormone injections.

While HCG medical products are approved by the FDA for treating infertility, they was never meant to act as a dietary supplement. Doctors admitted that giving HCD medical doses to patients helped them to get rid of stubborn fat clumps, but it only worked alongside extreme dieting. From any nutritionist’s perspective, 500 calories a day is near to starvation.

No one knows how the HCG craze started, but it almost immediately brought about a response from the FDA. While the FDA did not classify the plan as danger, they warned that potent HCG is illegal when sold for weight loss purposes. Additionally, all legal HCG products are required to state that there is no proof that the drug can numb hunger, redistribute fat, or quicken weight loss.

Thankfully, HCG dieters can choose how to eat their 500 calories. Doctors urge only eating organic fish, vegetables, and meat. All sugars, alcohol, carbs, and dairy are not allowed. A typical day’s meal can consist of an apple and coffee for breakfast, some asparagus for lunch, a serving of for snack, and crab with green vegetables for dinner. If the individual slips on their diet, they’re encouraged to only eat apples and drink water for 24 hours to get their stomach back into dieting mode.  Creative Bioscience diets for weight loss have been some of the more successful in the market today, as they have taken the time to research and produce a higher quality of product.

Much of the medical community believes that the HCG plan is nothing more than an expensive crash diet. Not only are traditional weight loss methods safer, but they are also proven to be effective. Even if HCG can get a person to loss some pounds, it will all come back if the person goes back to their old habits.

How HCG Diet Houston Aids In Weight Loss

HCG diet Houston is of the most effective weight loss methods that can be usedby people in Houston. HCG stands for the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone which is usually obtained from the human placenta. It has special properties that excellently aid the body in weight loss during minimal calorie intake.

There are many different weight loss supplements in the market today. All the manufacturing companies increasingly market them and promise the consumers the best weight loss results. However, most of these supplements do not work as expected hence frustrating their users. Dieters and overweight individuals should only opt for the best approved weight loss supplements like the HCG hormone. The HCG uses an exemplary weight loss mechanism within the body.

The main weight loss strategy usually involves burning a lot of calories and minimizing the general calorie intake. This is usually done through exercises and low calorie diets. The HCG diet requires one to constantly eat food that has a very minimal amount of calories.

The low calorie level is expected to push the body to a starvation point. For a normal individual who does not use HCG hormone, such a stage is life threatening. The use of the HCG hormone however, excellently sustains the body at the starvation point. The hormone stimulates the body to burn the fat within the tissues to produce energy. The low calorie intake and burning of fat is an effectual way to rapidly lose weight.

Therefore, the HCG diet Houston is very effective in achieving weight loss. One however, is highly advised to use it under the supervision of a professional. The medical practitioner is expected to monitor, guide and help an individual as he/she progresses through the various stages of using the hormone. Eventually, one is guaranteed to lose weight unlike the other methods which do not have such promising results.